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If your vehicle’s suspension suffers under payload, you need Semi-Air, available exclusively from Glide-Rite.  As market leaders in the specialist field of air suspension, Glide-Rite Products have developed a low-cost Semi-Air system for the AL-KO chassis.

  • • Level Ride Height
  • • Increased Stability & Handling
  • • Durable & Reliable

The AL-KO Semi Air Suspension System is a must for motorhome drivers looking to enhance comfort in their vehicle’s performance by increasing stability in heavy winds and reducing body rolls while also having the capabilities to tailor your ride to suit your own preferences.

Motorhomes that have a large overhang to the rear of the vehicle won’t have to worry about getting over ramps as the system gives you the capability for the temporary raising of the rear.

Levelling of your vehicle can also be done from inside the vehicle for a quick and easy pitch.

The onboard control system which is connected to the compressor will give you the ability to lift and lower the rear of the vehicle to suit whatever purpose.

We must advise that you take weight restrictions on this product seriously as uneven distribution on the vehicle can be incredibly dangerous.

AL-KO Semi Air Suspension systems are also available on leading vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat, Citroen and Peugeot.

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AL-KO Semi-Air Suspension

By using Semi-Air you not only prevent the rear of the vehicle sagging but also increase the stability and handling, particularly when fully laden.

Our AL-KO Semi-Air suspension system utilises Firestone airbags mounted between bespoke brackets manufactured specifically for the single and tag axle AL-KO chassis.

A digital gauge is mounted in the cab area and is connected to a heavy-duty compressor enabling you to inflate/deflate the airbags to suit your application.

Warranty: 3 years/60,000 miles. Airbags are guaranteed for 5 years.