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  • Product Code: Full Air Suspension

With standard steel suspension, you feel every bump, but with Glide-Rite air suspension, you are literally gliding on air.

Unparalleled levels of ride comfort, stability and handling are all guaranteed with Glide-Rite’s unique 4-air bag suspension system.

  • Superior Ride Comfort
  • Increased Stability & Handling
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Intelligent Controls – Multiple-Level Options
  • 3-Year Warranty
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The key to Glide-Rite’s success is a unique design incorporating four small airbags instead of the traditional 2-bag system other manufacturers adopt. Positioned in pairs on either side of the rear axle, the increased surface area of the 4-bag system requires less air pressure to support the chassis, resulting in greater energy absorption. The effect significantly improves passenger comfort through superior ride quality and substantially reduces road shock and vibration. This configuration also increases the vehicle’s overall handling, providing greater support at critical points and improving the vehicle’s stability and handling characteristics.

Technical Specs

Extensive testing by automotive specialists, including MIRA, Millbrook Proving Ground, and Manchester Metropolitan University, has assured reliability, durability, and unsurpassed comfort levels. These are further acknowledged by organisations such as TÜV and RWTÜV. Glide-Rite’s air suspension has established itself as a world market leader, with systems in daily use in more than 34 countries. Glide-Rite earned its reputation by supplying top-quality suspension systems to emergency services. Next time you see an ambulance, look for the Glide-Rite badge on the back.