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Choose Our Fully Automatic HPC Levelling System For Your Motorhome

These HPC  systems work to level your motorhome in less than 90 seconds, without any hassle. Through this system, you can choose from four different levelling positions (level1, level2, tank drain, and stabilise), benefiting from a touch-screen control panel, as well as manual adjustments to extend and retract. You can even download a special smartphone application to control it through the touch of a button.

This manual control simplifies activities such as changing a wheel, or fitting snow chains. Having a level motorhome means you won’t have any more shower drainage issues, uneven cooking surfaces, and no rocking if windy or from walking around the motorhome. It also avoids the problem of driving up ramps and sinking the driven wheels into the mud over a period camped.

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Glide-Rite are pleased to announce the new HPC automatic levelling system for your motorhome.

HPC-Hydraulics are known for their ultra-light stabilisation and automatic aligning systems. Because we work with, among other things, aluminium jacks, we can save a lot of weight. Depending on the application there are systems available with a capacity of up to 10 tonnes per jack. With this we can level vehicles from 2 tonnes up to a maximum of 30 tonnes.

The basic principle of the system is extremely simple. With a control it is possible to stabilise or align a vehicle within mere seconds. Depending on the vehicle, 2 or 4 independently functioning jacks are mounted.

Our range of seven aluminium jacks offers a solution for every vehicle. Besides our four standard jacks, we also offer telescopic versions, which are especially suitable for vehicles with limited mounting space. Our hydraulic jacks are anodised, which makes them corrosion resistant. To allow compact mounting the jacks have fixation holes in the back.

Some of our major advantages:

  • Aluminium jacks starting from only 2 kg
  • Strength of a single jack from 2 to 7 tonnes
  • Compact recessed mounting
  • Standard and telescopic jacks available
  • Black anodised, with no paint
  • Movable foot through seven degrees
  • Water and dirt discharge
  • Fixed-position foot while driving

We also have steel jacks available for heavier vehicles, available on request.

The Benefits Of A Motorhome Levelling System:

  • Ultra-light hydraulic jacks – Lightweight aluminium jacks with very compact mounting.
  • Weight – Complete system start as low as 15 kg, including mounting materials, oil, etc.
  • Universal – The system is suitable for all types of vehicles, 12 or 24 volt.
  • Comfort. The vehicle is as steady as a rock and never wobbles.
  • Ease of operation – User friendly touch screen control available in five languages, Dutch, English, German,
    French, and Swedish.
  • Safety – The system will not work without the handbrake. When you turn on the ignition, a red LED warns if any jacks
    are extended. There is also a lock on the control panel for unwanted use.
  • Speed – Your vehicle will be level and stable within 90 seconds. If there is an emergency the vehicle can be ready to
    drive in a few seconds.
  • Emergency system – The system has a manual pump included. That means you can always control the system.
    You do not need any tool to use the manual pump.
  • Additional features – Levelling your vehicle so you can easily empty the water tank.
  • The vehicle can stand on the jacks all winter so you save your tyres.
  • Remote control by smartphone and/or tablet – Control your system with our Android or IOS app.

Please watch this short video on the HPC Hydraulic Levelling for Motorhomes Demonstration.

Prices range from £5,650.00 to £6,300.00 depending on which vehicle the system is going to be installed on.

For a quotation please contact us.

Glide-Rite are a HPC Certified Partner.