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  • Product Code: Spacer Block Kit

Spacer blocks are available in 40mm, 55mm and 60mm variants suitable for the majority of commercial vehicles up to 5t.  They are designed for vehicles which have low ground clearance or have an underfloor lift installed.

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40mm Spacer Block Kit – Installation Instructions

This spacer block kit includes the following components:

  • 2 x 40mm Spacer Blocks
  • 2 x Spring Pins
  • 4 x Extended U Bolts

Installation Procedure

1. Jack axle differential and support chassis using axle stands.

2. Lower jack to allow axle stands to take chassis weight.

3. Remove rear road wheels.

4. Remove and discard U bolts.

5. Lower jack enough to position new spacer blocks.

6. Align spacer pin with axle bracket hole and spring pin with spacer hole – see fig a.

7. Replace existing U bolt saddles, then fit new U bolts with original nuts and torque evenly to 180Nm – see fig a.

8. Carry out the above procedure on both sides.

9. Refit road wheels and torque to 180Nm.