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Put power into your springs…

Whether for personal or business use, there are always moments when vehicles need to carry heavy loads.  For example, you are going on a holiday with your family or towing a trailer, trailer tent, caravan or boat.  Anytime a nose load of 75 kilos is added to the tow ball, it is no wonder that the standard vehicle suspension needs some help.  Also, if your car carries a constant heavy load such as a LPG tank or equipment, it is advisable to place the extra power of MAD Auxiliary Springs into your suspension.  With Power Springs you will notice that your car’s road handling is positively improved.

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MAD Springs

To counter the negative effects of heavy loads, MAD has developed cleverly designed Auxiliary Springs and Cross Country Sets. Powerful additions to your suspension that you will not notice in every day use of your vehicle. A set of MAD Auxiliary Springs offers extra support to your existing springs.

A Cross Country Set offers both extra support and extra ride-height (3 to 6 cm) to your vehicle.  Any dealership, garage or fast-fitter can install your chosen system quickly and easily.

Advantages of MAD Auxiliary Springs:

  • Auxiliary Springs increase safety
  • Auxiliary Springs improve road handling
  • Auxiliary Springs improve comfort
  • Higher loads, less investment
  • Auxiliary Springs prevent the car from tilting on the back
  • MAD Auxiliary Springs come with a lifetime warranty
  • MAD offers an extensive catalogue for 99% of current passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • High level of quality as confirmed by TUV, ISO and RDW approvals
  • Experienced technical support through 35 years of experience
  • Fast worldwide delivery
  • Fast and easy fitting

For all conventional suspension systems MAD has TUV approval or endorsement of the Dutch RDW. This confirms the quality and image of MAD products.

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