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Glide-Rite offer supply and installation of motorhome levelling products. The service is carried out at our workshops in Hampshire or Merseyside using state of the art hydraulic lifts for fast and efficient work.

Motorhome Levelling systems offered by Glide-Rite are fully automatic allowing for quick and easy levelling without the use of a spirit level.

The benefits of an automatic levelling system is having the peace of mind that valuables and equipment kept inside your motorhome will not fall or break while you are doing a simple wheel change or simply stopping for a rest.

With the HPC range of levelling products that we offer you will be guaranteed the very best quality in hydraulic motorhome levelling.

You can enquire about the product by filling out our contact form which will be picked up by a member of our team who will be in touch as soon as possible.

The reason why Levelling Systems are a must for Motorhomes

Most motorhome users will know the struggle of deciding to take a break in between your journey and not being able to find a flat surface to make sure your vehicle is not slanting which causes discomfort when sitting in the living area of your motorhome.

These are just some of the common problems our customers experience in a motorhome without hydraulic levelling jacks:

  • – Motorhome shakes due to windy conditions
  • – Changing of tyres becomes unsafe due to slanting of the vehicle
  • – Unable to sleep due to the feeling of a slant
  • – Doors and cupboards opening on their own
  • – The vehicle moves from side to side when walking through it
  • – A lot of time and effort spent making the vehicle level every time you stop

How is the system activated?

With the electronic touch screen control unit that comes as standard, the system can be used to operate the levelling both manually and automatically. The controls used on the unit are simple and easy to use with the design focused on being as discreet as possible for easy implementation into the vehicle’s design.

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